Player Handbook

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In this board you can find all the necessary information you'd need in order to get started. We've got a few threads that explain how the site works, such as the plot, setting, races, magic, etc, as well as the site's member directory (which holds all the claims). Activity checks and events can also be found here. Be sure to read over our rules and guidelines, and don't hesitate to ask any of the staff members if you have any questions.
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The data center is the area of the site where all the juicy plotting happens — at least, on site plotting. here you can put up your plot pages, make a list of all your wanted characters: does your character need a handmaiden? a loyal friend? an enemy that sucks your character's soul dry — or maybe a past lover? well, what better way to ask for one than making a wanted character request? you can also find the site's claims here.
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The Mognet was originally founded as a mail delivery system between moogles. Moogles would send and receive letters to and from moogles in other locations, and then deliver them to whomever the letters are adressed to. While it's still mainly a moogle run business, it has been more and more commonly used among the entire population of Gaia.
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This area of the site is mainly reserved for advertisements and old threads; you can also find retired character extras in here, since we don't delete any threads, trackers, plot pages and the like. as for advertisements: we're guest friendly and expect your site to be the same. do not post your ad here if your site requires us to make an account, log into a guest account, type in a password or say that we're eighteen to link back.

The World of Gaia

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Most of Northern Gaia lies alongside the white banks of the northern sea and is mostly made up of sand, dunes, rivers, lakes and a few spots of grass. The climate is much warmer here than anywhere else in Gaia, the air is warm and damp and where the sand ends, there's a blue ocean with fishing boats as far as the eye can see. Northern Gaia stands for most of the fishing and transportation that goes around in Gaia.
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Forests, lakes and luscious fields as far as the eye can see pretty much makes up all of Eastern Gaia. It hosts an unique wildlife and is a popular location for breeding and raising chocobos. A lake tapers off into a wide shallow forest thicket with protruding trees, full of small little creatures - most of which are prone to biting. Hard to navigate without small flat boats, some areas have thin wooden walkways spidering through the groves. Visibility is low, in the water and under the trees, like an eternal dusk.
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Southern Gaia is flatter than the other regions and has more forests and swamps. The entire area is surrounded by large and dark forests and endless marches that one could easily get lost in. A thin fog has settled over the region and doesn't ever really seem to go away. The further in one goes, the thicker the fog seems to grow. Southern Gaia houses a variety of plant life that can't be found anywhere else, most of which is used for herbalism and medicine.
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Western Gaia is made entirely from mountains, steep cliffs and stone as far as the eye can see. A lot of tall and old trees are scattered about the mountains og Western Gaia. There are tunnels that spreads underneath all the stone and where one tunnel end, a cave begins. Traveling through the mountains and tunnels without a Chocobo is hard, but not quite impossible. It just takes longer. A lot longer. Besides, some people claim the mountains are hunted. And filled with fiends.